The Waiting Game

I’m amazed I can still write in full sentences considering how long it’s been since I last posted. For those of you who I haven’t seen or talked to, my ankle has kept me sidelined for the past month. When I returned home at the end of April from Hilton Head, I got back out on the practice court right away after a week of rest for my ankle. Little did I know that a week was nowhere near enough, and my ankle flared up again. After a couple days of practice, it was a little swollen but nothing crazy. I was moving well and able to play all out, so I thought it would go away pretty quickly. Later in that first week back, though, I finished up a routine two hour practice and as soon as I took my shoes off I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot. I was a little freaked out so I got to the doctor right away.

The X-ray came back negative, but the MRI showed some damage. No major tears or stress fractures or anything like that. But I had swelling of the ankle capsule and all of the tendons as well as a stress reaction in one of the bones. I don’t see M.D. anywhere next to my name, so I’m not sure about the exact differences between a stress fracture and reaction, but the doc described it to me as an inside out bruise in a way. The bone flares up due to repetitive stress and trauma and starts breaking down, but no true fractures have formed yet. Either way it hurts. It’s no fun. And the day the MRI results came in he told me I should stop practicing— definitely not what I wanted to hear as I was starting to gear up for all of the summer tournaments.

I do have to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Dr. Brian Przystawski at Foot and Ankle Specialists for all of his help!

I’ve been in a boot for three and a half weeks now letting the ankle heal, and you can bet I’m counting down the days until I’m allowed back on court again. It’s five more days for anyone interested. I tried to see the silver lining in the injury: some time to relax, spend time with my family, catch up with all of my friends. Anyone who knows me, though, can probably guess how well I’ve been dealing with that… I’ve been ABSOLUTELY losing my mind. Fortunately I’m still able to lift weights and bike in the gym, but once I finish up that morning workout my days are pretty uneventful. The rest of my time is usually spent coming up with random menial tasks to occupy myself so I don’t feel completely useless and unproductive. If I’m not in the gym down at U of L or Louisville Boat Club, you can probably find me back at home on the patio reading a book or watching some Netflix. House of cards is the show of choice for now.

Sorry to be a bit of a downer this post, but there really just hasn’t been a lot going on for me to tell you all. One awesome thing I’ve gotten to do in the past month was go to the Chainsmokers concert down at the YUM center. I had planned on going way back at the beginning of April with my friends Sean and Kelsey, so there’s no way I was going to let the boot be the reason I missed it. We had an absolute blast that night. And I can safely say I was the only person there dancing in a boot.


Rockin’ the boot for the concert. Nice tanlines Sean.

I also had a chance to do my first radio interview. I was contacted by Mark Hebert with the U of L Today Show about coming in to talk about my experiences traveling and playing professionally as well as some of the community service I was involved in during my time at school. I was super nervous before the show, but he was a fantastic host.

today show

Of course they caught me midsentence…. 

Hope everyone has been enjoying the awesome weather as of late! One other perk of not practicing is I can be a bum at the pool and get rid of my tennis tanlines. I’m going to start practicing again this weekend so the tanlines will be back soon though. In the next couple of weeks I should have a tournament schedule put together assuming my ankle holds up. Thanks to everyone for the support!

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