The New Smiths

If you’re confused by the title of this post keep on reading and I promise it will start to make sense. After a busy month of tennis in July, it was time for a little R and R back home, even though I may have been even busier with all the stuff I was doing off the court. After coming home from Illinois I headed straight down to the lake for my best friend’s bachelor party. We spent the weekend out on the houseboat celebrating his final few days as a single man. Between the swimming, jetskiing, and turning the boat into our personal club at night we all had a blast. As my best friend Chris said, lots of beer and little sleep made for a successful weekend!


One of the groomsmen wasn’t able to make the trip so the doll took his place all weekend

I also got introduced to the lovely game of golf over that weekend. I had only been to the driving range three times in my life so I was pretty interested to see how my first full round would go, and it went surprisingly well. Well for me counts as making clean contact with the ball and hitting it in the general direction of the hole. FYI. I’ve definitely found a new hobby and might be slightly addicted now much to my parents’ chagrin. Luckily I found some of my uncle’s old clubs at the house. He bought them back in 1981… but they get the job done for me.


Motley crew out on the course

My tournament schedule also worked out to where I was able to go on vacation with my family in Canada (plus my little brother’s girlfriend, Alyssa, but I count her as family at this point). I could write forever about all of the awesome things we got to do up there, so I’ll do my best to sum it up. We spent the first few days in Quebec City milling around Old Quebec. The buildings and streets were absolutely stunning. We were actually staying in Lévis across the St. Lawrence River, and there was a beautiful view of Château Frontenac (see the pic up top). One day there we also drove a bit out of town to the Parc de la Chute Montmorency. The waterfall there is actually higher than Niagara Falls but not near as extensive.


The life of the trip right here. Apparently I was looking at an imaginary camera and they all looked at the real one.

From Quebec we headed to Mont Tremblant. In the winter it’s a ski resort, but in the summer there’s all sorts of outdoorsy stuff to do. We hiked two different trails up the mountain for some picturesque views and spent the rest of our time exploring the little village at the base of the mountain. I can only imagine how amazing it would look in the winter with some fresh snowfall.


Panoramic view from the top of the mountain

We finished out our stay in Canada in Montreal. I wish we had been able to spend some more time here because we were a little rushed, but we were able to find some delicious local restaurants. One afternoon we also made our way over to the botanical gardens next to the old Olympic Stadium. I could have spent the entire day there relaxing but unfortunately we got caught in some rain.

The highlight of this month came on August 26th, the day my best friends Chris Smith and Kelsey Newsome got married. Since I was one of the groomsmen, I organized my entire year to where I was certain I would be in town for this weekend. There’s lots of things I’ve missed out on since I started traveling, but there was absolutely no way I would have missed this day. Plus Chris and Kelsey might have killed me had I even mentioned missing for a tournament. The ceremony was held at Garden Court and we were blessed with some beautiful weather. I couldn’t think of two people more perfect for each other, and I’m happy I was able to be a part of their wedding.


Rehearsal day with the lovely bride and groom 


Trevor coming through with the selfie

Now before you go thinking I took the entire month off, that’s not the case. I was still practicing and training as usual except for the week I spent in Canada, but I came back from there feeling refreshed. Each week my body and game are feeling better so I’m expecting good things in the next few months.

I headed up to Canada again at the start of this month for 3 weeks of tournaments so next time I’ll have some results to share with you! I feel like I’ve been living in Canada the past month since I was just up here, but I could think of worse places to be. Hope everyone enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend and got to spend some time with friends and family!

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