Get Me Outta Here

Come to Portugal they said. It will be nice they said…

WRONG. Unequivocally false. Could not be further from the truth. I came to Portugal expecting sunshine, scenic views, and beautiful weather (like the photo above). Instead what I’ve gotten so far is what you see below.


Absolutely abysmal


The court conditions I practiced on the first day

A few words come to mind when I have to sum up my experience here so far. Miserable. Dreadful. Horrific. It hasn’t been a fun time. The first five days I was here I hit a total of two hours. 30 minutes of that was on an outdoor street hockey rink without a net where the ball almost bounced over my head every time. The other two times were two 45 minute “practices” on a sopping wet court with one ball where I was afraid to take more than one step for fear of sliding into the splits and ripping myself in half.

I was supposed to play my first match Sunday morning but due to the rain matches were canceled for the day. Monday I was up at 7a.m. to warm up as I was scheduled to be second court on, but, you guessed it, more rain. I sat around all day and then went on court at 9:30p.m. I didn’t finish up until 11:15p.m. and after stretching and walking back to our Airbnb it was midnight. My roommate and I also screwed up and read our Airbnb booking wrong and stayed an extra day, so I then had the joy of packing all my stuff up that night. I was not a happy camper getting to bed around 2a.m.

Tuesday I was up again at 7a.m. to go warm up, but my best friend the rain decided to visit again. Such a lovely creature. Once again I sat around all day before finally going on court at 6p.m. I lost 7-5 6-4 to a player ranked 1044, but it was one of my better matches this year. I was up a break 4-3 the first set and 3-1 the second set, so it was my match to win. My opponent was quite the…. Insert your expletive of choice here. Towards the end of the first set he started jarring at me. He then tried to blow snot rockets on me twice. Real mature, I know. Then to top it off he tried to block my path from walking and bumped me. It took a lot of energy to restrain myself but I wasn’t trying to get banned from tournaments for 6 months.

Unfortunately I messed up again with the tournament situation. My second to last day in Paris was the withdrawal deadline for tournaments the week of March 12. I was practicing at 2p.m. with Seb and Kanika and the withdrawal deadline was at 3p.m. We had set an alarm for 2:45p.m. so we could check entry lists and withdraw accordingly, but as luck would have it the ringer on the phone was turned off. I was planning on going to Cali or Japan but sadly I’m stuck in Portugal for another week. Can you tell I’m over this place?


Don’t let the smile fool you

So new plan. I’ll play one more week in Portugal then head to Bahrain for one week and then head to Paris for one week and then head to Egypt. Phew that sentence was a mouthful. If my English teacher saw that she’d scold me about the run on, but I wanted to emphasize all the country hopping I have coming up.


About the only thing helping me keep my sanity while I’me here

Hopefully I’ll get my first points in these next few weeks since I’m playing a much better level of tennis. As of now looks like I may be back in the states mid April. But no promises. I was supposed to be back at the beginning of February and now here I am.

If anybody knows how to internationally ship sunshine and dry weather contact me ASAP. I’d pay a pretty penny for some of that right now!

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