Ballin’ in Bahrain

Before you judge me for this title, at least admit it fits with the usually humorous titles I come up with. Plus there’s alliteration. Can’t beat that.

7 has always been one of my lucky numbers so I was optimistic after qualifying in Bahrain. I won two easy matches so my body was feeling fresh, and I was excited for another opportunity at my first points.

Well, turns out 7 wasn’t the lucky one. We’ll see what my new lucky number ends up being. I lost 6-0 7-6 to the 8 seed. He played a flawless first set and blew me off the court, but I bounced back well in the second set. I actually served for the second set at 5-4 and in the tie break I was up 6-3. Pretty frustrating to let that set slip away. Obviously there was no guarantee I would have won the match, but the momentum had shifted my way and I liked my chances if it went to a third.


Overall pleased with the progress I made. It was also my first tournament with my coach Seb there with me which was nice. With him there it takes a lot of the stress off me in terms of setting up practices and determining a game plan for matches. It’s also good to have an extra set of eyes off the court. What I feel on the court and what is actually happening doesn’t always match up as most athletes can attest to.

I spent a few extra days in Bahrain since Kanika, the women’s player I am splitting Seb with as a coach, was still in the main draw. I was able to get some good practices in and also had a couple of brutal gym sessions. Still having trouble moving my arms but are those really necessary for tennis?

Seb and Kanika finally saw my iron stomach in action our last night in Bahrain. We were in a rush to get to the airport and the only quick food place near us was Shake Shack. They ate like normal humans while I proceeded to order a cheeseburger, chicken burger, hot dog, fries, and a frozen custard. So basically the entire menu. They were absolutely mortified when they saw me finish off that last bite. Not to mention I topped off this food with some chocolates I had bought about 5 minutes before. I wish I could have captured the look on Seb’s face when I told him I was ready to eat again in a few hours.


Sleeping it off in a food coma

I’m back in Paris for a few days of training before heading to…. Duh duh duh… Egypt again for three weeks. I’m making up for the lack of sunlight I experienced in Portugal.


2 thoughts on “Ballin’ in Bahrain

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying every second of your fabulous experience! Your time will come on the court, so have a ball in your down time! ❤️


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