Should I Move to Egypt?

Did you hear the important news?! No…. really? Okay, I guess my life isn’t that important. After three months of bouncing across the globe nonstop for tennis I’m back home in Louisville. Can’t say I’m a fan of the rainy weather so if things don’t change I might have to hit the road again soon, but for now it’s nice to be back.

I just finished up a 3 week stint in Egypt. I’ve noticed that each time I go there and come back to the US customs officers get more and more suspicious of this whole professional tennis scam I claim to be participating in. Luckily they let me back in again but only after some extensive questioning.

The time in Egypt was pretty disappointing as I didn’t come away with points even though I was playing some good tennis. The first week I lost a close battle 7-5 6-3 to a younger kid who ended up qualifying and making the quarterfinals before falling to Teymuraz Gabasvhili (cough former world #43 cough).

If it weren’t for a terrible attitude I probably would have found myself on the winning side of that match. I got a much deserved chewing out from Seb afterwards and wouldn’t you know, the next few days in practice I played well when I focused on staying positive and not letting my emotions control me on court. Who would’ve thunk?

After the first tournament some buddies of mine invited me to go 4 wheeling in the desert with them to see the sunset. I almost passed on this because I was dead tired from training, but it’s a good thing I didn’t. I got to see some cool things, and I had actually never driven my own 4 wheeler. Obviously the most important part was the awesome pics I got though.


Dusty Boyer and I taking in the view

In the second week I had another tough draw and played a young British lefty who is top 50 in the world for juniors. I ended up losing in 3 sets despite some great tennis; my opponent ended up qualifying again and was breezing through his first round match when he was forced to retire due to back spasms.

Something about my last weeks in Egypt seem to go well for me because the third week I qualified and was able to play main draw singles and doubles. In doubles my partner and I fell 6-1 6-4 to the two seeds. In singles I threw in a dud and lost to my friend Dusty Boyer (featured above), a former college player as well. To be honest I’m starting to get sick of writing I’m still searching for my first points but the past 2 months were some of my better months in regards to consistency in training and matches. Having a coach around definitely helped, so I’m looking to continue building on this.

After the last tournament I had a few extra days to kill because I had already booked my flight home for the end of the tournament after qualifying. Before this I hadn’t been to the beach a single time because of the schedule with matches and on practice days I usually started hitting around 6a.m. just so I could get a full court. Sadly the last few days at the beach weren’t enough to get rid of my farmers tan.


Beautiful tanlines. Tennis player’s curse

This time around I managed to exert some self-control and willpower over my well-known weak spot—chocolate. If you recall last time I was there I ate two kilos worth of chocolate which can definitely not be healthy. This time the most I ever had was three pieces on a single day and I didn’t even go every night. True life of a chocolate addict right there.


Not sure what I was drinking but it tasted good

The plan was to fly out this weekend for a short prize money tourney in New York but I had to override my desire to play and listen to my body which was telling me it needs rest. I’ll be taking the next week or two off to recover before getting ready for an intense summer swing.

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