A Cripple’s Life

Remember that intense summer swing I talked about? Yeah, not gonna happen. I started having some discomfort in my left ankle the last week in Egypt, the same ankle that had been bothering me on and off for the past year. When I returned home I got an MRI and found out I had a loose body floating around in the ankle joint which meant surgery. Just what I wanted to hear!


Not sure if they were prepping me for surgery or a mission to Mars

Luckily it was a minor arthroscopic procedure, but nevertheless my summer plans are shot. I had the surgery done last Friday and everything went well. Besides the loose body it turned out that I also had some bone spurs that were causing irritation as the ligaments and tendons rubbed over them. I’m holed up in bed now passing the time alternating between reading and watching Netflix.


I had the quite the experience a couple of days after surgery. Our family friends the Hodges had come over for dinner Sunday night. After experiencing another lovely gourmet meal whipped up by Chef Juju we were sitting around chatting when we decided it was time to take the bandages off. About 30 seconds after we unwrapped them I got extremely hot and queasy. The last thing I remember is closing my eyes to take some deep breaths. Next thing I know they were yelling for me to keep my eyes open and lightly hitting my cheeks. Fortunately one of our friends was a doctor so he knew what was happening. He said it was a vasovagal attack— in layman’s term I’m a wimp and my brain freaked out when it saw my messed up ankle causing me to faint. Apparently I had a mini seizure and also managed to slightly chip my tooth when my head fell back, but this should be a one time thing. My parents were definitely more freaked out than I was.


Mrs. Hodge caring for little baby Alex after his fainting spell

It’s been 4 days since the surgery but it feels like ages longer because of how boring it has been. My parents probably feel like they’re enslaved to me right now, but without them I wouldn’t be able to get through the day. It’s kinda tough to cook and do simple tasks when you’re on crutches. About all I’m good for right now is taking up space in the bed and creating a warm spot for our dog Maddie to snuggle.

I did get to have a little bit of fun before the surgery. A couple weeks after coming home was Derby week, and I went to a party with my friends Chris and Kelsey. The boys spent the first hour setting up a tent so we could hit golf balls even though it was pouring rain. After that I went and got my bets in for the races. The way they do it is everything is a random chance pool where you draw a horse’s name. Lady luck was on my side and I drew Justify in the $20 pool and came away with $200 in winnings. Not a bad day if you ask me.


Mother son bonding at Thurby

A few days after I made my way up to Philadelphia. I have some friends from Louisville who now live there and my friend Kanika was going to be in town for her sister’s graduation so I decided to go visit so I could see all of them at the same time. I got to catch up with one of my good buddies from high school Matt Kinderman and spend some time with another former Louisville Cardinal Julia Fellerhoff. I also got to hang out with Kanika and met her sister and sister’s friends so all in all a good time. Ideally I would have spent a couple extra days to go see some of the historical sites, but I had to rush back home for Mother’s Day. Anyone who says Mom’s don’t run the world is lying to themselves.

I got my 15 seconds of fame in my hometown recently. I was out to lunch with my family one day when I received a text from my former trainer at Louisville with a picture of me on an advertisement at Kroger. Not sure why they chose me since I’m not on the team anymore but it was cool seeing that. You can definitely tell how much younger I am in this photo.


I’ll be spending the next few weeks recovering and rehabbing my ankle. I’m pretty bummed I had to miss out on the sunshine of Memorial Day weekend so once I’m off crutches I’ll have to make up for lost time at the pool. In the mean time without tennis I’m writing an extensive article for Cracked Racquets that should be out on their website soon, and I’ve been looking into taking the GMAT. I got tapped to be a geometry tutor for a couple of days, so last night was spent relearning theorems and equations that are buried somewhere in the depths of my brain. Other than that I’ll be doing my best to maintain my sanity without physical activity. Oh, and I have to get my wisdom teeth out June 8th. Another joyful procedure.

I’m not sure about the rest of you Louisvillians but I’m ready for the transition from spring to summer. I’ll take the heat and humidity over sneezing and coughing because of the pollen. I’d rather step outside and start sweating than take one breath of fresh air and not be able to breathe through one of my nostrils for two days.

I also have to take a moment to brag on my little brother Ben. He recently went to France and will be gone all summer for study abroad. He’s got some pretty cool trips planned during his down time there. Be sure to check out his blog theroaminggiraffe.com to keep up with his travels and get some ideas for trips of your own!

Lastly, I have to give a huge congratulations to my friend Daniel Miller on his recent engagement to his longtime girlfriend Amanda. Can’t wait to celebrate with you all!


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